Condom Man

A very fun interactive HTML5 RPG game. So, the protagonist of the game is a typical town adult male suffering from sleep disorder. He sneaks intothe houses of his neighbours at late at night to pretend to love attractive women. So you must attempt to do it. To move your character around the screen, you can use the Arrow keys. It is possible to interact with objects by pressing thekey button. In the beginning, you’ll need to locate a safe. It’s situated on the top floor of your home. Next, go in search of the vehicle. Watch out for the police. The police are likely to catch you. You see a woman sitting on the floor balcony of your house. To reach the balcony, you need to climb the tree. The woman is then allowed to have a good time with her pink pussy and the spherical shape of her body. So, are you ready to start your nighttime adventures? It’s now possible. Play now »