Divine Maze 3

If you have a strong arm and are not an alcoholic, then you can pass the test that thisflash game has prepared for you. Let’s start the game. In the game it’s possible to see a lot of pictures with huge-chested anime porn dolls. However, to do so you will have to pass this test. Test from the maze. So click the green place. Fine. A labyrinth showed up . Listen to me carefully. Your job is to move the cursor from the beginning of the labyrinth to its own end. But don’t touch the walls of the labyrinth. Should you hit the wall of the labyrinth together with the cursor, then the game is finished. However, if you were able to budge the cursor inwards the maze you will get a fountain. Hentai picture with a gal who will masturbate. The game moves to a fresh level. With each level, the labyrinth will be perplexing and difficult. Win the game and enjoy the pictures. Play now »