MrPinku “Happiness is In The Field : Episode 2”

Second vignette of”Happiness is in the area” – the funny pursuit from MrPinku that permits you to have some remaining sort the noisy city and also to spend some time in the virtual countryside where you can enjoy amazing (well, at least according to MrPinku’s visual style) landscapes, meet some fairly colorific characters, even accomplish several jobs and also to love both funny and hot moments in the end. Juts like it had been in the previous vignette (that by the way you can also see our website) the overall narrative is going to remain linear and the time that you will spend here depends upon how fast you will realize exactly what you need to do, where you will have to go or by whom you’re supposed to talk in order to attain your existing targets. And the 3rd episode can be on the way! Play now »