Dusty’s Castle

Adventure game using hentai elements that can continue the series”The Legend Of Krystal”. This moment our dearest sexy furry Krystal is going to explore old castle which has stucked between 2 worlds and now amassing a lot of lost souls. Will Krystal find the best way to help them? Will she manage to keep her own soul? How many and where crevasses she will get fucked the moment? To discover the answers on all of tehse query you will have to play the game ! One of the most usefull of Krystal’s abilites in this game is that she is able to pick up objects to use these afterward. Sometimes fresh things will emerge in the regions you’ve already explored so it’s a fantastic iidea to recheck them in time to time. Use WASD buttons mix to move around, spacebar to interact and Q as”yes” and N as”no” when required. Play now »