Charlie in tool time

Is there some TV shows about gardening instruments you understand? Well, it doesn’t matter becaus ethis how is going to substitute them all and get on top of your favorites list! Why? Becasue this one has not only gardening tools in it but also humor, jokey hosts and ofcurse the main starlet o fthe show – hot Charlie who love sto fuck on almost any ocacsion! If you have played other games starring Charlie then you probably already know what to do so stop wasting your time and play it now! If you did not (and you indeed need to – just check our site to them) then in this game you will not simply love jokey scenes and stories but also make some decisions in some specific points which will specify where the major course of this show will go next… and the majority of this option is going to wind up with Charlie being fucked one way or another. Play now »