Train Fellow

This is the first part of an interactive game in which you will learn the story of a dude who likes to spy on chicks. Imagine a city train. Our protagonist enters the compartment and scratches his abdomen. Next to him is a beautiful and busty dark-haired in a mini dress. She has fucking hot legs and big globes. The dude wants to commence spying on your lady. So today be careful. Use the mouse to look at the dame when she is currently reading the paper. However, when she sees you looking at her big globes, the game is finished. You have to look away when the girl lifts her mind. If you managed to love her orbs and you were not captured on it, the game belongs to a new degree. The greater levels from the game you pass on, the game scenes you may see. Let us embark the game at this time and find out in your reward. Play now »