Amazon Island 2

The second part of an interactive game about a treasure hunter, that went to search for treasures within an unknown continent at the ocean shelf. So, a tribe of Amazons that were barbarous and wild captured the treasure hunter. He is being carried into the village to be burnt at the stake. He is totally nude, but he has a large beef whistle. He likes the view of the bronze buns of local Amazons. Additionally, these girls have big and big titties. Use your mouse to look at them a little nearer. Hence that the treasure hunter has been brought to the Queen to the village. This really is a gorgeous and huge-chested Amazon. But she’s extremely harsh. She requests the character to become chained to her stone throne. Lightning and clouds show up in the sky. The volcano wakes up and an eruption of lava begins. You must run now… But you have to assist the Amazons rescue the historical land. How to proceed? The decision is yours. Play now »