SPY: Agent 69

This 3D lovemaking flash game will inform you the story of a secret agent. This really is a gorgeous nymph with big boobies and a sweet smile. So the manager is calling you . You must infiltrate the entourage of the world terrorist Ahmed. After that you need to select two things. As an example, a pistol and a private one. Subsequently the Agent is delivered on a mission. Arriving in a nightclub a safety guard is seen by Agent. Now you have to select dialogue choices to get into the club. It is possible to bribe the guard. Or use your own sexiness. For example, if the Agent makes a oral job to the shield, then he will miss the nymph in the club. In the club you need to find Ahmed and make contact with him. And you have to choose the dialogue choices that are ideal. Then do it right now, if you’re ready to select a mission. Play now »