She-male shell game

Get ready to play a shell-game wher bets will be greater than ever before! The concept for this version of well-know game of cubes is following. You will have three… no not shells and neven not cups – you’ll have three nymphs in brief skirts. But this is where teh catch is – only one of them doesn’t have any surprises under it and this is gal you will have to find after they all will mix up by running all around the stage. The other two will probably have some”nuts” and you better avoid them if you are planning to become on a next level… So this is actually what this game is all about – you make a proper chocie and ocntinue enjoying or you make a single mistake and your game is finished. If you like shell games in total but not enjoying this exact variation of it then check our website where you will find a lot of different versions. Play now »