Micia the Catgirl – WIP – v0.8

This is a petite minigame extracted from the bigger job”The Legend of Lust” to display you what sort of interactive fuckfest scenes you can get if you’re going to get involved in this major escapade. Yet even if you are not good care of your long and complex tales you can merely enjoy this minigame as a stand alone project in which you happen to fuck sexy looking and quite supple nekogirl named Micia. Paradoxically enough that this catgirl chooses to receive fucked in doggystyle position but what other talents she has and how far she will get in unsheathing her tight whorey character you will see only from the game. All that’s necessary from you is to click available act buttons (their amount may varry based upon your options) on the game display and also to enjoy the hentai animations ofcourse! Play now »