VIP Hospital Service

Dude had an injury and his ashina broke. He was brought to the hospital in the VIP chamber. Dude opens his eyes. My head hurts. But he sees the traces of a buxom dark haired. . um . . Her big fun bags distract the dude from her head. Who are you? With these ideas, the patient sinks into a faint. Waking up after a duo of hours, he sees a chesty nurse. She definitely needs to help the patient sense better. To do this, the nurse unfastens her gown and shows her large peaches with pink nips. Oh gods, these bosoms are only a masterwork. Dude starts to wrinkle black-haired tits and massage puffies. And then the nurse gives the patient a fellatio. . What’s going to happen? You’ll find the reaction to this question in this game. Play now »