Ada Wong against the Pink Queen

A big-boobed spy named the Sambrell business was infiltrated by Ada Wong. She discovered a disk with important information and must comeback to the collection stage. However, the Pink Queen prevents from completing this mission, Ada Wong. The Queen establishes the monsters which were at the cages along with the protection protocol are now ambling along the corridors of the corporation. You must help Ada Wong find a way out and keep alive. Use your mouse to interact with game objects. Hide if there are too many critters. If you’re able to kill the monster. In case the monster attacks Ada Wong, then he will kiss her. Whether Ada Wong wants to attempt fuck-fest with ent or a creature is left up to you. The thing is not to forget to conclude your main mission. Let’s go on an escapade now. Play now »

The Ghost of Halloween

A depressing story happened in the city. The blonde crushed him to death and did not find the passerby. Ridiculous passing. The deceased’s ghost remained on Earth to punish the stupid blonde. He well-prepped for quite a lengthy time. This was Halloween. A ghost shows up at the blonde’s mansion. Then he enters the mansion and in the room of the 2nd floor that the ghost discovers a dumb blonde. It’s time for vengeance. So you have to look around the mansion to obtain some quest items. Begin your search in kitchen, the bedroom and additional bedrooms, andfrom the basement. Once you discover all things return to the room with the blonde. And commence fucking her with a baseball bat in a tight vagina. Connect her palms and gag it. Since she’s to blame for the own departure rape the blonde. Do it at the moment. Play now »